Project Structure

BOOST is made possible by the cooperation between four community-based & -led networks* and nine project partner organisations. All of the partners have previous experience in working together on a EU level, and will work collaboratively to fulfil the project objectives.

Additionally, to ensure the quality and relevance of project activities, the BOOST partners will work together with a Scientific Expert and Advisory Board, and other external organisations and institutions.

Overall Coordination & Management


FRG/C-EHRN will be responsible for the coordination and management of BOOST and will supervise its development. They will therefore take care of the administrative parts of the project, and handle the mitigation and management of risks. In addition, FRG/C-EHRN will also support the partners throughout the project and facilitate inter-communication among them and other relevant stakeholders.


Coordinators of every Work Package


Each work package will be coordinated by a member of the consortium that will oversee the achievement of shared objectives and goals. Specifically,

  • WP1 - Coordination and WP2 - Inform will be coordinated by C-EHRN
  • WP3 - IMPROVE will be coordinated by ABD
  • WP4 - SUPPORT will be coordinated by Spolecnost Podane ruce
  • WP5 - CONNECT & ACT will be coordinated by EHRA
  • WP6 - Evaluation and Dissemination will be coordinated by ISGlobal

Steering Committee


The Steering Committee consists of representatives of the four community-based networks and the WP coordinators and a representative of EuroNPUD in an advisory role. The SC is responsible for operational tasks, supporting the communication between project partners and making sure that project activities complement each other and create synergy.



Four organisations - the ‘Lighthouses’ - have been selected as centres of expertise that will support and guide other organisations in expanding their capacity to provide accessible communicable diseases-related services to people who use drugs.

The four Lighthouses are:

Scientific Expert and Advisory Board


The Scientific Expert and Advisory Board (SEAB) supports the development and implementation of work package-specific activities and provides expert and scientific advice. The SEAB includes a fixed number of experts who will be invited to online and face-to-face meetings, and can be extended with additional experts. 

The following experts have agreed to join:

  • Alina Bocai - ARAS Foundation
  • Janelle, Sandberg / Erika Duffel - ECDC
  • Astrid Leicht - Fixpunkt
  • Mojca Matičič - University Medical Centre, Ljubljana,
  • Iciar Indave - EMCDDA
  • Tuukka Tammi - THL Finland
  • Ruth Zimmermann - Robert Koch Institute
  • Dagmar Hedrich - Consultant
  • Eberhard Schatz - Consultant
  • Ferenc Bagyinszky - Deutsche Aidshilfe, AAE
  • Vana Sypsa - University of Athens
  • Perrine Roux - INSERM
  • Dorthe Raben - EuroTEST and European Testing Week Secretariat

Other Cooperation Partners