The BOOST Project activities are articulated around 6 interrelated WP’s

Project activities

The project focuses on 4 key areas    and is structured in 6 interrelated work packages    as follows:
WP1 / Coordination [C-EHRN]

This work package includes all the administrative, financial, communication and coordination activities that ensure the achievement of the project objectives and its results.

WP2 / Coordination [C-EHRN]

In this phase, we will produce an up-to-date overview of the quality of testing and linkage to care services offered by harm reduction organisations in the EU and selected neighbouring countries. Specifically developed tools, surveys and consultations, together with adaptations of pre-existing ones (such as the C-EHRN monitoring activities and the COBATEST tool) will contribute to the collection of data.

WP3 / Coordination [ABD]

Throughout Work Package 3, a range of learning opportunities for community-based & -led organisations that work with people who use drugs will be created, focusing on digital literacy and good practices in the area of communicable diseases. The curriculum will be built around some key methods, such as ‘peer-to-peer’ mentorship and coaching programmes, in parallel to the development or adaptation of training materials.

WP4 / Coordination [Spolecnost Podane Ruce]

Work Package 4 is dedicated to building capacity and cultivating and sharing good practices among community-based & -led organisations. Four organisations, the “Lighthouses”, will act as centres of expertise and will support other groups in this process. The goal of this work package is to expand community options of voluntary testing and linkage to treatment for people who use drugs.

WP5 / Coordination [EHRA]

This work package will strengthen and consolidate existing European harm reduction networks to BOOST the quality of communicable disease services for people who use drugs. In this phase, we will advocate for the implementation of good practice models of communicable disease prevention, treatment and care interventions for people who use drugs. This work package builds on findings from the previous phases of the project, and aims to translate them into policy briefings, recommendations and policy dialogue meetings.

WP6 / Coordination [ISGlobal]

Work Package 6 consists of the overall monitoring and internal and external evaluation of the project, together with the dissemination and promotion of project results. This work package will ensure that project objectives are achieved and that activities are carried out timely and according to the work plan. By disseminating the project outputs, Work Package 6 aims to maximise the impact of all BOOST activities, outcomes and results.